Blogging through NaNoWriMo

299e18d725d2852b0362c9a11816698aa626c0a0Some bloggers take a hiatus in the month of NaNoWriMo ( in order to focus all their writing to their current project. Trying to reach the 50,000 word mark by November 31st is tough with the tug of responsible to one’s blog. So here are a few tips:

Keep the blog entries short and sweet. As a blogger, you want to avoid lengthy posts anyway unless the topic is engaging.

Start your blog ideas list now. Don’t wait until November when you’ll be stressed and weary. Start now with a list of blog topics you want to write about.I like to use Google Notebook to keep my list right there on my toolbar.

Start a link day. This is where, instead of a written blog, you share links you already have for sites you’d like to share. For instance, my homeschooling blog, I would share the craft and educational sites I have at least once a week.

Consider vlogging. A vlog is video blog. Record yourself instead of writing.

Share the experience. Many writers consider joining the NaNoWriMo but don’t know the experience. Share, briefly, the day to day experience of writing 1700 or more words a day. (I learned how I can manage writing that much just for blogs alone on some days).

Start a series of blog entries based on a theme. For instance, share recipes, poems, snippets of your writing, photos, video, and other aspects of your life. Just remember your audience and not post anything you might regret later.

You’ll find the ideas will come and quite often writing in your blog/journal offers a break from the main project.


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