Ultimate List of Writing Tips for Writers

It never ceases to astound and amaze me what I can find the Internet, so I figured I’d share what I picked up along the way:

How to Start Writing When You Don’t Feel Like It– This blogger shares some great tips on writing when you’re not in the mood. The site itself has tons of tips you can read through as well.

A Quick Five-Step Guide to Revising and Editing– Editing is not my favorite part of the writing process, but its necessary. This blog entry shares some finer points on this chores.

85 Resources for Fiction Writing– Yes, 85 very cool sites, programs, and tips for writing. Take care before you click the link- you’ll be reading for hours.

The Evil Overlord Devises a Plot– This made me laugh, but then it made me think of the villians of my story. They should be 3-dimensional too, so consider the quality of your bad-guy and een the hero.

The Synopsis- What is is, what it isn’t, and how to write it- This article has some cool tips in regards to the synopsis.  Summarizing your novel can prove a difficult chore. This can help you narrow things down a bit. Check out the other links too.


5 Replies to “Ultimate List of Writing Tips for Writers”

  1. Thanks! Your blog looks great. I came across it by accident, but now I think I’ll be checking in more often. I’m already a subscriber to the first website, but the others look great. I especially like the 85 Resources for Fiction Writing.

    Thanks, again.



  2. Thanks for the resources! The first, how to write when you don’t feel like it, especially resonated with me. This is one of the first list posts I’ve read that had some useful information in quite a while.


  3. Your tips and questions always are a little prick when I start to fall asleep creatively. Thank for connecting us to new places!


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