Blogging- Update regularly

I’m finding more often than not that writing regularly is the single most important marketing tool for any blog. Updating regularly enables your blog to post to readers, links to the search engines, and enables readers more keywords to find you. (Don’t forget to tag your blog entries).

This coming weekend the writer’s group meets with the topic of blogging. Naturally not all members are interested in the subject. I think they don’t understand what blogging is about, let alone the valuable marketing blogging provides for many writers. Its also wonderful for keeping abreast of skills such as typing or coming up with ideas.

There are professional bloggers, who add regular entries on various subjects for web sites. You’d be surprise to find the demand is there. As a webmaster, I can honestly tell you how important current information written in an entertaining if not eloquent style brings in more visitors.

I will post more on this subject, after this next weekend to keep you posted on new discoveries in this genre.


One Reply to “Blogging- Update regularly”

  1. It’s true. All of it.

    I have several blogs going. Mult is cool for the active comments section, the others are pretty quiet which sort of makes me feel like I’m talking to myself. I like feed back.

    I got a domain name and a netfirm host and am trying to put that together so it’ll be like one stop shopping. Took me forever to find the right template and then learn how to figure out how to install it. I like the Paalam one because I wanted a kind of menu across the top for choices and some drop down stuff to categorize entries. I figured this would be easier than trying to run multiple blogs on the various things that interest me. And it’ll be easier to keep up with too. Sensible?

    Good entry, Froot.


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