Finding the time to write

Our last meeting in our writer’s group brought some interesting questions and answers from the myriad of would-be authors. Some are stay at home mothers, who need to squeeze in the time to sketch plots and weave words amid the chaos of child rearing. Naptimes and bedtimes became necessary to get any time to write.

Others admitted to writing in chunks of time. One mentioned how she writes chapter upon chapter on the weekends, where the weekday rush of work and kids preventing much of anything except the occasional email. Another found endless amounts of time as he’s retired.

I think most importantly, a writer needs to write when, where, and even how the best time and place. Its an individual thing; often changing so you must evolve as you go.

Some tips we shared:

Make writing routine. Write as regularly as you can, where this is daily or weekly.

Make your writing a priority. Ask your spouse to help or another family member to give you a break. Learn to say no to frivolous demands on your time.

Find the time for writing anywhere. Keep a notebook to jot down notes at lunch, or sitting in a waiting room. Keep a voice recorder and talk out your plot and dialog, then transcribe later.

Join a writer’s group to share ideas and get emotional support. This works well if the group provides the commodarie of writers. Not all groups establish that, so you’ll have to explore or even form your own group to find it.


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