Writing amid the chaos

I only have one child, not counting my husband. My son turns ten years old in November, and shows a remarkably calm attitude for a boy his age. There are evenings, such as these, where I can hear the gunfire of Nerf guns and strategies of pretend warfare just outside my office door. Even the maniacal laughter of my husband taking the advantage tends to drift into my cave. How can a writer craft words in such an environment?

Patience, lots and lots of patience.

For some authors, its necessity that enables them to write pretty much anywhere. One writer I know shared how she writes in her kitchen, another writes when her son goes to bed in the hopes he stays there. I knew one writer who had two children who moved around her whenever she put on her headset that silenced the noise around her. With that, she could ignore the pandemonium around her.

Other writers maintain the best environment is emptyof children and pets, as well as spouses, Television, radio, and the doorbell. They sit before their computers, refusing the acknowledge anything remotely having to do with the real world. Only a fire or explosion could move them from their spot.

I am not one of those people.

I not only require the quiet but also a chunk of time to slip into the groove of writing and stay there for that period of time. Anything could distract me, and trust me, I have many. The cat will jump on my office chair when I least expect it to crawl his way up and over to sleep on my desk. My dog will sit at my feet, or shove an overly icy wet nose under my forearm as I type to gain my attention. My husband drifts through the office door to ask questions, borrow a pen, get a tissue, or simply look over my shoulder (I hate that), while my son respects my office if he hears the tapping of keys. If he doesn’t hear the clickety sounds, he knows he can interrupt me.

Shutting the door helps. Putting on sound dampening headphones could also help, or drowning out the chaos with music also dulls the noise. Better still to write when everyone is asleep, animals are fed, and you now its rare if someone calls or rings the doorbell. Ah, sweet evening bliss!

So what do you use as methods to write, or can you write amid the chaos of your life?

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