Writer’s Block- Myth or Reality?

I’ve written about writer’s block having several causes, like a disease, but here of late, I’ve encountered a number of blogging authors who make the claim that writer’s block is a myth- it doesn’t exist!

My first response was “Is that so? Well then why do so many authors complain about it then?”.  This author wrote an interesting piece that points out other professions do not get blocks. Fireman do not get blocks, (I asked my husband and he agreed) nor do secretaries. To be fair, however, those professions lack the demand for creativity. They’re not required to delve into the recesses of that creative part of the brain. The point, however, really struck a chord in me.

The author of The Voice of Your Muse also suggests you keep writing, ignoring the inner editor, and makes the strong argument that writers ‘allow writer’s block’ to get the better of them. I agree. If I don’t write, I have only myself to blame for it. Writer’s block is inherently ‘us’, not an outside force.

I find my writing ebbs and flows. Some days are better than others. In fact, some days are fantastic when the words just come on their own accord and chapter upon chapters pours out of me. Other days, not so much. I can barely form a coherent sentence, despite the ideas. That, to me, is writer’s block. I know the words are there, but for whatever reason, they’re not easily coming to me.

But I can’t expect writing to be easy- where would the challenge be if that were the case?


3 Replies to “Writer’s Block- Myth or Reality?”

  1. A reality, one all writer’s must face at one point. To me it is a sign that I’m trying to push the story down an illogical path, especially when it comes to making characters do what would not be in their nature.


  2. Whenever I force myself to write through writer’s block as the “experts” tend to suggest, I end up writing crap that makes me even more unhappy with myself and my writing. And then I just have to end up deleting it all anyway. So I figure, what’s the point? If I wait it out long enough suddenly one day on the bus I’ll be hit again by the bug and won’t be able to run home to my computer fast enough.


  3. Hello!

    I stumbled upon your blog and I agree – there IS such a thing as “writer’s block.”

    Writer’s block is when our conscious mind – that critical and analytical part of our brain – gets in the way of our subconscious mind – the creative and free-flowing part of our brain that speaks in images and symbols.

    I have step-by-step instruction on how to unlock the subconscious on my blog and eliminate writer’s block. I hope it helps for anyone who runs into writer’s block.

    Happy writing, everyone!!

    That’s my two pence…
    Arial 😉


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