Writing and gender

malefemale02A member of my writer’s group brought an interesting topic to the meeting today. It was writing about gender. This included lively discussion on male and female authors as well as the authors writing for male or female audiences.

I was curious to find that in the Science Fiction genre, you’ll find mostly male readers. For romance, obviously women are the overall readership. I never gave the subject much thought until today.

Another member shared a link to Gender Guesser that allows you to post snippets of your writing (500 words or more) and it will analyze your writing. Oddly, it found my style male.

This isn’t the first time someone noted my writing as male. I used to think it was because I went with the name of Sward1156, which was part of my name. People assumed it meant sword- an obvious male symbol. Even Frootbat31 was viewed as something a guy would pick, despite my insistence that fruitbats are adorable little critters.

One guy I chatted with for almost a year was shocked to find I was a woman. While I typed about the birth of my son, he messaged me with “u r female?!?!”. I replied “Why did you think I was male?” he replied that it had more to do with my humor and the way I would ‘talk’ in chat. I admit being careful to remain rather gender-neutral online to avoid the twerps who wanted to cyber. If they did find out I was female, I would say I need their credit card number if they wanted to pursue any more chat with me. of that I was some guy in prison. heh heh

But it made me wonder on the assumptions people make on whether someone is male or female. So the topic today really sparked some interesting discourse.

So what do you think about the subject? Do you like/dislike male or female authors? Do you give it much thought? Do you write for men or women? Share your thoughts.


2 Replies to “Writing and gender”

  1. I did an experiment (of sorts) on gender by playing a female character in an well known MMORPG. I learned that you can not make rash assumptions on gender based on writing patterns (regardless of the actual shape of your avatar).


  2. This is something I’ve recently become interested in as people just assume I’m male most of the time in forums etc. I’m doing google searches to find out more, it’s kinda bugging me! :S
    there doesn’t seem to be much information on this subject online hhmm.


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