Blogging:Who is your audience?

writer00I write a number of different blogs. This one consists of all types of writing topics for bloggers, authors, novice writers, and anyone who puts a pen to paper (or types). I also have another blog that includes topics of the earth centered religions. I’ve been pagan since I was fourteen, and through the decades I’ve learned spirituality is a wondrous and challenging journey. Another blog dedicates to subjects of homeschooling, sharing my own experiences as I teach my son from day to day.

I also have a personal blog, that I often include subjects of homeschooling, the day to day chaos that ensues in my life, commentaries, and just about anything that comes to mind.

Obviously each blog has its own unique audience. Writers read this blog, pagans read my pagan blog, homeschoolers read the homeschool blog and a very diverse group read my blog. They range from all manner of walks of life, political interest, and various hobbies. So writing for each audience demands a certain understand as to who I’m writing to.

Each time I add another entry, I imagine myself as a visitor and what I expect from what I’m reading. What questions to do ask? What resources can I add, and what media would appeal to such a person? Even topics that might seem mundane you can spice up with humor or looking at the subject in a different way.

I think this is where some bloggers get tripped up on how to add blog entries to entertain readers without causing issues. Some people don’t want to spill out their life to the world, or post things that might get back to someone else. Readers, however, look for entertainment or information. Offer both, and you have a winning combination.


2 Replies to “Blogging:Who is your audience?”

  1. I write physician bluegrass fiction, so my audience is somewhat diverse. It consists of Docs, bluegrass musicians, lawyers, teachers, writers, accountants, or anyone who wants as inside look into the world of being a Doc.

    Mostly though I consider my audience as any soul kind enough to read my work.


  2. I have a host of blogs. Three of them area about writing (general, fantasy,science fiction) and the last one is about politics. I like to keep my politics away from my writing in an effort to keep conversations civil.

    The main writing blog gets the most traffic with traffic falling to non existent in my sci-fi blog. Oh well.


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