The importance of making mistakes


I only recently discovered that making mistakes is not only a part of life, in many aspects, screwing up now and then is essential to our overall development. Not only did this lesson seem like an epiphany for me, its really opened my eyes to other aspects of my life and the fears I previously allowed to hold me back.

I’ve encountered a number of writers who admit to having blocks and hesitations to writing because of the fear of all the mistakes they’re likely to make. Perhaps they can’t work out the issues of plot, or what if a character ends up too 2-dimensional? What if they made a mistake?

The beauty of many mistakes is that you can fix them. Power lies in the revision stages of writing, that no matter how bad your first rough draft might be, you can change it! Whatever mistakes you make can show you what not to do. You’ll learn and evolve.

Its when you don’t learn and evolve where mistakes can be a bad thing. If you stubbornly refused to learn from mistakes, you’ll just keep making them. Accept you’re a flawed person- like everyone else on this planet- and move on, because you have one thing many don’t have and that is the willingness to presevere despite the mistakes.

My biggest concern with mistakes is having to face the criticism and sometimes ridicule of my errors. My family can be very severe in that regard, where so much of life I wasted in allowing the fear of mistakes to control me. I didn’t do many things I should’ve dared to do. I also found my voice to tell them to knock it off; I’m allowed to make mistakes, no one is perfect, and their words are hardly helping my situation so would you so kindly shut up (or stfu).

Without trying, and taking the risk of bngle or gaff, you’ll miss so many ‘what if’ opportunities. You might even miss a way to learn from mistakes so you can finally succeed at what you want to do.

Just because you make mistakes doesn’t mean you are one.

~Author Unknown


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