Leechblock: Adding to productivity

I read a quote once that stated “Facebook: Procrastination at its very best”. I think this also includes sites such as MySpace, Twitter, and other social networks that lures you into their network of comments, blogs, media, and applications, before you realize that hours passed by and your work isn’t done. Then I found Leechblock. (this is an addon for the Firefox browser).

Leechblock allows me to add the web sites that waste my time to a list for blocking. More importantly, it blocks those sites during time periods that I intend to do my writing. Now when I see that the site is blocked, it reminds me that I need to focus on writing and other projects, and to forget about the distractive  sites. I can even set my work hours as I need them, allowing my lunch hour to goof as much as I want.

I haven’t found any addons for Internet Explorer that does this very thing, although you can block sites with IE. Unfortunately, you can’t block them within windows of time increments. If anyone knows of any, please let me know.


3 Replies to “Leechblock: Adding to productivity”

  1. lol procrastination at it’s finest, you bet! BUT if you spend time finding ways to block these things, that’s just a fancier way of doing the same thing…anything but writing..or whatever it is you’re procrastinating, right?

    I’m starting to feel like that tv commercial…silly wabbit, trix are for kids!

    I just recently discovered facebook cause my son and a few real life friends are there. Sure enough, blogthings galore, games that involve pressing buttons and waiting to collect coins and…lo and behold a whole day gone by with me sitting here doing NADA. It’s addicting…tho I’m not sure if the addiction is to wasting time, procrastinating, or being easily entertained by stupid things! lol Either way I’m outta there.

    I don’t find serious blogging at blogger all that different either. There aren’t enough replies to keep me interested or fired up so I end up feeling like I’m talking to myself and stop writing. Mult is a pain, but at least you get feedback and some idea of what’s working or not…tho it’s running a close second to facebook for me right now. I wish I knew the secret of a blog that gets loads of responses…I think at blogger part of the problem is you have to sign up or jump through hoops to leave a comment. I dunno….it’s really annoying though.


    1. I think ultimately procrastination stems from something deeper than the obvious distractions- its avoiding a number of fears with writing such as rejection, writer’s block, or any number of other possible reasons.
      I do find that LeechBlock really does help because it reminds me ‘hey you, get back to writing. You’re not supposed to be looking at those sites now”. So in a way its an investment.
      Or so my way of thinking. 😉


  2. If you want to block the whole Internet temporarily you can use Freedom (www.macfreedom.com).

    To temporarily block a chosen list of sites you could use FocalFilter (www.focalfilter.com).

    Also, the author of a good Mac tool named Anti-Social (www.anti-social.cc) has announced he is working on a Windows version for it.


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