Writing as healing

Anyone who writes a journal can tell you how cathartic it can be to put one’s thoughts and feelings to paper. At one point in my life, I fell into a deep, dark depression. Page upon page filled with rants, and complaints. I poured out all the anger, frustration, and misery I had. Oddly, at the time, I then realized that the spouting of my problems didn’t offer me much of an outlet. In fact, it occured to me that perhaps this served to only enable me and keep me in this dark place.

I then began to refocus on what I wanted out of life. Instead of pointing out all the bad, miserable things in my life, I would find a topic, even if mundane and insignificant, to write something positive about my life. I wanted to retrain my mind to see the silver lining instead of always the gray clouds. Something remarkable happened.

I found as the days progressed, finding something to write about grew easier, the subjects more complex, and I found more things to feel good about. Whenever I’d fall into a rant, I’d force myself to stop, write a star to indicate where I stopped, then write about something postiive instead.

Now my personal blog shares the funny stories, the odd thought, or perhaps something deeper that I want to share with others. Sometimes I do share a bad day, but instead of a rant, I voice how I want to work on fixing the problem, or working out my issues. Sometimes I’ll even ask my online friends their thoughts on the matter.

Writing helps me keep a pro-active thought process, to consider options, and work out issues instead of simply staying a victim. Words provided me a means to not only express myself, but to heal myself in many ways. Although I can’t say the depression is entirely gone; life is, after all, about ups as well as downs- I find that writing provides me solace and a means to work out issues.

Words have the power to persuade, to provoke emotion, and more importantly, to make changes in one’s life.


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