Some neat blogging add ons for Firefox

I love the Firefox browser. I also use Internet Explorer, but only if a site won’t open or have a plug in I need. Otherwise, I stick with my Firefox due to the neat addons and personalization things I can do with it.
I really love how the toolbar works, where I can add folders and bookmarks as I see fit. I keep Thesaurus, Dictionary, Wikipedia, and a link to my local library at the ready, as well as a folder with all the writing sites I’m a member of.
I keep things simple, because adding too many things to a browser can slow things down on the Web. I keep only the ones I use frequently and feel as though I can’t live without; is a highly addictive toolbar I have to shut off when I’m not using it. This is only because I can spend hours of my time clicking through sites, video, and pictures that fall under the tag words I’ve chosen. I find so many new web sites because of it.
Scribefire is a neat little addon program that works with your blogs. I have WordPress and Blogger blogs, which easily work with Scribefire. I can add more formatting with the Scribefire than if I go through the sites.
Google Bookmarks provides me a way to backup all my bookmarks somewhere else so I don’t lose anything.
Shareaholic allows me to pick and choose which networking sites I use such as Twitter, Facebook, and yes, even StumbleUpon so I can share sites I find interesting with my friends.


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