Why a writer should blog

While organizing my writer’s group, I discovered writers who had no interest in blogging, let alone a web site. You may find that having both offers one of the best means to market online but also offers a writer a means to make their writing public.

But why blog at all?

It shows off your writing. This can be good or bad because while you might be able to write wonderful stories, the day to day posting in a blog ends up mundane and boring. It doesn’t have to be. I don’t mean to publish your writing or articles through a blog, however. Sharing your writing includes the day to day events of your life made public, and made interest through your writing school.

For instance, once I wrote about cleaning my house, but instead of sharing the mundane world of household chores, I embellished a story where the dust bunnies beneath the couch formed a coup and tried to make war with me. I won in the end….obviously.

It keeps you connected to other writers and readers. Sharing the frustrations, hopes, and my dreams of becoming of writer all got added to my blog where other writers found me. Not only did I gain friends through sharing this part of my life on the Web, I also found support and others to commiserate. Only a writer can understand the pain of writer’s blog.

You write daily. By no means do you need to update a blog every day. Some bloggers update once a week, bimonthly, or just rare occasiosn. I find too often the writers that I know do not write daily for whatever reason. A blog can keep everyone in touch with what you’re doing, and more importantly, provides a means so you’re writing something every day.

Feel free to post your blog in comments if you wish to share.


3 Replies to “Why a writer should blog”

  1. I agree and besides, writing every day in different manners and styles keeps writers writing and that’s what’s important. WRITING. It’s too easy to get lazy and/or focused only on writing the book or article. After a while it gets stilted and stuck. The need for variety in writing styles and purposes helps us hone all our skills. Jus’ my two cents.


  2. Absolutely! If only I could stay consistent with the ‘everyday’ part that blogging ought to be. Or even twice a week would be nice. Material is plentiful. I think I find blogging both a curse and a blessing because on one end it means I’m writing and on the other it means I’m NOT writing my book.


  3. Every three days, minimum. I have a lot of other writing happening in my life, and I don’t want to start out blogging every day and then gradually tapering off and abandoning the thing. So every three days, maybe once in while every other day.


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