Writing as healing

I’m an avid writer, but this doesn’t mean I always write well. After all, even this blog illustrates days where I sort of blither on fluff. I find my weakness in conclusions becomes glaring- at least to me.

Either way, I find writing very cathartic. If I don’t write here, publicly, I still maintain a journal file on my computer if only to rant or get my thoughts to paper. Somehow its cleansing, as if typing out the words releases the stress inside of me.

I believe words have power, whether its wallowing in one own’s misery and thereby making things worse, or by changing the very thought processes of how the mind works and improving one’s life. Take for instance the art of storytelling. The most important characteristic of a good story is the conflict and eventual resolution however, not necessarily a solution.  A solution implies the happily ever after, but a resolution teaches us that problems need a decision- right or wrong.

I found myself in this ‘aha’ moment where this applies to life as well. Certainly I have issues, plenty of conflict, but as a true-to-form Libran, I tend to be very indecisive about things. Its from fear of making the wrong decision, of screwing up and making things worse. Sometimes you just need to decide on an issue to end the conflict.

And I also found that instead of focusing on the conflict of my life, I also need to focus on the resolution of my life. Conflict equates with challenges, that hones our morality and ethics against contention in order to make us stronger or at least better people. Being solution oriented certainly offers a means to look for answers rather than just wallowing in self pity.


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