Motivation- The Key to productivity

0374cd130a2185c0ae173f93753fb887915d126aI’m a procrastinator. They say the first step of an issue is acknowledging you have a problem. I guess I can check that off my list. What being a procrastinator means, however, is that I don’t get stuff done when I should. I don’t even realize this happens until I’m sitting considering my week and knowing I should have more items checked off my list.

My biggest motivator, when I have it, is seeing results. Writing blogs and getting nice comments, receiving reviews on a story I submitted online, or having an article accepted quickly (with an offer that is above the previous offer I got), motivates me to write more.

When I get no results, I feel the action serves no purpose. I’m all the more reluctant to do much, because ‘why bother? Its not as though it matters.’. Yeah, I know. Its pretty fatalistic.ย  Its also a viscous cycle and not qualities a writer should have if he or she wants to be successful.

Just do it. There a lot to be said of the Nike’s commerical quote ofย  ‘Just do it’. As simplistic as that sounds, its true. Ignore the reasons and focus on the doing. If you have something on your list of things to do, you do it- no excuses. Motivation isn’t necessarily required with this philosophy.

Writing charms and ritual. You’d be surprised at the superstitions athletes, play actors, and yes, even writers, hold to incite them to get the job done. Lucky charms (actual charms, not the cereal), small rituals, and beliefs they adhere to assist the mind to switch to the creative or focused thought required. A lucky rabbit’s foot, lighting a candle, speaking an affirmation, or wearing a favorite shirt, all help motivate a person.

Inspiration. Some might call it Divine guidance, while others might consider the little switch in the brain that turns on the creative juice. Either way, inspiration is perhaps the best method to get into the writing groove. Unfortunately, this doens’t come in a bottle. There are methods you can use to spark something;

  • Reading. You can read from teh same genre you write in, or you simply find your favorite book and read. This touches the part of the mind where inspiration resides and can provoke a little in the process of reading.
  • Music. This includes playing as well as listening. What better than creating a soundtrack in which you can write by? I even create playlists based on scenes such as ‘fighting’ or ‘romance’.
  • Moving. Not just any moving, but moving away from writing for a bit. Sometimes the creative muse needs a break, a refresher, to see the real world to find inspiration.

I certainly find that taking so much time in finding that motivation, I lose valuable writing time. I force myself to write. I have to. Procrastinators need to do so, or never see the final end of the story.

Now stop reading this blog and go write!


4 Replies to “Motivation- The Key to productivity”

  1. Again, I love this post as well! For you fictional story wirters out there, I highly suggest you read the following book: Immediate Fiction by Jerry Cleaver. Among the many topics, the author discusses the topic of this blog and how to use time to your advantage. Unfortuately, I myself have been procastinating reading it completely! How hypocritical of me!


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