Marketing: Book Launch 2.0

Marketing for writers can often prove difficult. There’s nothing really creative about it, nothing fun, and certainly nothing to do with the craft of writing…or does it?

If you do get published by one of the big publishing companies, they do much of the marketing for you. This doesn’t mean you should sit back and wait for the checks to float in. You should also sell yourself.

The first step is to believe in your book. Is it a good book? Of course it is!  Its published, right? You should want people to read it because its so marvelous! Get hyped about it, get excited and let others know about it.

Reviews! Once you get some folks who read (and like) your book, ask for a review. Reviews allow other potential readers to want to read your book. Reviews can be added to web pages, profiles, email signatures, and even press releases. Some authors offer a free copy to authors of reviews to get that one, well-written review.

Social networking. You’re probably already on myspace, twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, or other networking sites, with all your friends and family at the ready to read what you’re doing. Add your book there too. You can either add to your profile, or even better is to add the book with its own profile.

The importance of keywords and tags. Many people don’t understand that web sites, social network profiles, and just about any web sites have keywords or tags. What these are for is to allow people to search for those keywords/tags to find you. You need to select a good number of words that best describe your book. For instance, a murder mystery could include ‘murder,death,thriller,body,morgue,investigation’, but also should include your name, title, and genre you’re writing in.

For more tips:

This guy made a video on YouTube about marketing a book. Don’t worry, its not one of those boring videos where a guy sits and preaches to you all the thing you should be doing. Instead, he’s made an amusing video of him talking to someone about all the things he’s not (and should be) doing to market his book.  I think its a cute method to get the information out there.

He also writes a blog that incorporates some thoughts on writing, with some great advice.

Book Launch 2.0 the video


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    You might also want to look into the recently formed Premium Book Company ( Brian Jud, who is a principal with both companies, is an expert in the field of nonstandard book marketing.


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