How to not write


Here are the best tips on how not to write;

  1. Check email…a lot. Don’t just check it once, you should check email every so often just in case someone sent you a forwarded funny. Its not like those email alerts can tell you when. Check for yourself. Spam and those forwarded jokes may delete themselves later if you don’t read them right away.
  2. Spend lots of time planning the story/book, but don’t  actually write anything. This takes up lots of time and helps you avoid the painful process of getting your work done. You can even tell people you’re ‘researching’ even though you’re not going to use what you find.
  3. Check all your social networks to see what everyone is up to. I know Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and many other web sites provide endless amounts of ways to waste time. Like email, checking more than once a day also helps keep you from your writing.
  4. Let the phone, doorbell, friends, and family interrupt your day. This helps break up concentration and focus so you can continue to avoid the end of your story.
  5. Use excuses. You can find tons of excuses as to why you’re not writing. You have other obligations that are more important, like washing the dog or needing to fold laundry. Your novel can wait.

With very little effort, you too can’t find excuses to not write.


2 Replies to “How to not write”

  1. I like this. The sad thing is, i think I’ve done every one of the things on this list. And now that I’m on WordPress, I waste even more time that could be better spend working on the book that’s sitting to the side collecting dust.


  2. All of this works for me. I could add to it–re-ink fountain pen (another color will help me write better), sort books on shelves (if things are neat I’ll be productive..just as soon as I finish sorting..), make one more cup of coffee, cup of tea. But yes, the internet is a fascinating and endless source of distraction from writing. Well said.


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