Do you like it? Do you need it? Does it make you money?

“Do you like it? Do you need it?  Does it make you money?” These words still echo a deep resonance for me after my niece explained how she’s been cleaning her house and getting rid of clutter. She referred to the piles of junk that had no rhyme or reason. She systematically asked her step-father and brothers these questions before removing items for removal. I found the same three questions hold a strong impact on the considerations of writing.

I tend to have a downpour of creativity at times. I get ideas for titles, story plots, new characters, or I find a project I’d like to add to my lengthening list of things to do. What this creates however is the very similar hoarding behavior illustrated by family. Instead of stuff, I get piles of ideas that end up tucked into files, sketched on scrapes pieces of paper, or even digitized in a voice file for later. It doens’t get done because there’s simply too much.

So now I ask myself these questions:

Do I like it? I think you really need to enjoy what you write. This leads to complete the story, article, or other piece of writing. If you like the idea, then you’ll see success.

Do you need it? This really opened my eyes in regards to writing that doesn’t offer me anything in return. Some blogs I write don’t see many visitors. I then set them on the backburner, if bother with them at all. I then focus on projects that will lead me somewhere, whether for my personal enjoyment, sharpening my skills, or make me money.

Does it make you money? This helps place importance on what I expect from writing as my goal. I don’t want to just write; I want to make a living on it. In order to do that, I now must weigh the time and effort put into fanfiction or blogs as opposed to articles and novel writing. Its okay to do any of them, but now I can easily prioritize what I want to do.

On a side note; I must admit that I really enjoy the comments my readers leave me. Not only does this affirm my goals for this blog, but the wonderful comments also nudge me to write more. Thank you all for comments or adding to my subscriber feed!


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