What holds back your writing?

2e4a695dfe987b57befbc7a437e83a4262ab57b4One aspect of writing that lends to low production of words is the simple fact of fear for me. Fear of rejection, fear of failure, and fear of making mistakes collide into a mass of anxiety that leaves me staring at a blank screen (or piece of paper). Its frustrating to say the least.

Other causes of holding back a writer’s creative flow include distractions. Many writers must fit in their plot weaving in short increments they find throughout the day; between cleaning house, chores, jobs, attention to family, and the myriad of demands Life throws at you. I wonder if I’m the only one who resents Life sometimes interrupting my groove.

Writer’s Block, which can include a host of causes, also lends to the creative vacuum. There are a number of techniques a writer can use to break through, but you have to consider the cause first. Are you stressed and tired? Get more sleep. Is the lack of ideas spawned by interuptions? Shut and lock a door, or get those handy headphones that block out sound.There are a number of sites and books on the subject of finding solutions to writer’s blocks.

Sometimes its tough to find the block of time you need to slide into the creative flow of writing, and write uninterrupted. I can’t write in short bursts. I need time to reread past chapters, to refocus into the mood of the story, and then edit and write as needed.  I must shut (and lock) my office door to indicate to family that I’m not to be disturbed. Even then, its not unusual for someone to knock, or nudge the door. (My dog figured out how to get my attention by nosing the door.)

There’s must to be said by the quote “Just Do It”, or “Just write”. Ignore the excuses, the distractions, the fear and just write- even if its bad. Words can always be edited.


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