Do you get support for your writing?

What I mean by support isn’t the monetary support but the emotional support friends and family provide. My writing group found it odd that my husband doesn’t read my work. I thought so too. You’d think just out of curiosity he’d occasional read something. If only to see what its about and what sort of thoughts rattle inside my head. He doesn’t.

My husband claims he reads my blogs from time to time, but never leaves a comment or makes a comment to me personally. I have no idea if he reads them or not; not even the ones about him.

My parents also have no idea the extent of my writing outside of emails and the occasional Instant Message. My mother read a few things I’ve done in the past, but never said much. My father, to my knowledge, hasn’t read anything. Two sisters read religiously to my personal blogs, while the other two could care less.

Some friends read my blogs, where one often copies the subject I write upon to add to her own. I’m not sure how to take that as a compliment to my creativity or her inability to come up with something of her own.

I can’t say the strongest support comes from the writer’s group, because I haven’t shared much with them. I’m too busy organizing, writing the newsletter, and maintaining the meetup site. Most stuff I have written isn’t ‘ready’ for sharing…yet. The group is also growing so sharing my stuff takes away from the time of another writer eager to glean feedback from the group.

I also recognize I don’t really need support to write. I write for myself, losing myself in my own little worlds, or empowering myself through blogs by rant or resolutions shared there. Ultimately, its the little comments and remarks left goad me to write more. I’d write anyway, but a comment begging for another chapter, or a subscriber that emails me to say how much they enjoyed what I’ve written can really make my day.

I don’t need the support, but it certainly nudges me a long my journey.

So thanks for all who leave comments. And who do you think offers support in your writing in the real world?


7 Replies to “Do you get support for your writing?”

  1. I write for me. Strange though when my audience tracker suggests that some of my friends read my blog, but they never tell me this.


  2. Most of the people in my “real life” don’t pay a lot of attention to what I write but I still feel like they support me. They bought my books when they came out. They’ll listen to me talk about writing work if I feel like it (although usually I don’t).

    Mostly I find that I get the best support for my web writing from me web-only friends, the network I’ve built up via different social networking sites etc. And I think that’s okay. I like to leave work at work when I turn off the computer anyway. 🙂


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