A writer’s sick day…er….weeks

I’ve been sick with a cold followed by a bad flu bug for the past two weeks. You’d think this would give me plenty of time to sit with a laptop and tap out writing between sneezing and blowing my nose. Symptoms of feeling miserable and exhausted kept me not only from the computer, but I could form much of anything let alone blogs, articles, or writing stories.

I found even thinking about plot outlines a harrowing affair, finding myself too miserable to do much of anything but huddle beneath an electric blanket and sipping teas. I slept on the couch out of consideration for my husband, and too often found myself watching bad late-night television when the various cold meds refused to tough the symptoms of stuffed up nose and horrible cough.

The isolation has proved maddening. Friends and family kept their distance for fear of catching it, and the day after day boredom nearly broke me. I finally had to take antibiotics for a bacterial infections, and even with that, I had to endure misery for another three days. Add that diarreha is a side effect of the antibiotics and I was ready to be taken out of my wretchedness.

I’m not ‘not right’ but feel I’m on the mend. My nine year old son now is sick, so we’ll have to wait another week or so before anyone will dare set foot in our house. We might buy stocks in tissue companies.


4 Replies to “A writer’s sick day…er….weeks”

  1. I sympathize. There’s something going around and I’m just getting over it after a few weeks too. And same deal … I wanted to just work since I was home and couldn’t really go out but my brain didn’t feel capable of really forming words that made sense. Best wishes that you’ll get better soon.


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