Fanfiction Writing Tip # 1- Using the senses

As many times as I get inquiries about fanfiction writing, I decided I’d start adding tips about this genre.  Although most of the writing tips for fanfiction can work for all, there are a few that are specific to this type of writing.

One review I received with my Elderscrolls fanfiction included a comment on how I expanded on the world with taste, smell, and touch. With video games, movies, and similiar media, you lose that aspect of the world. An example is that in the game of Morrowind, you can buy food that you have no idea as to how it compares to the food you really eat. I took liberties and included my version.

Being the story takes place in a place called the Ashlands, I added description of how the place smelled of poison and brimstone. (It was caused by a volcano of Red Mountain). The smell of rot tended to permeate through the story whenever the heroes entered that area. I imagined it being a very hot place, like a desert, with this fine silt encrusting everything you own.

You also encountered undead creatures in the game, so that added a whole new slew of gross description. That was fun.

Don’t let your readers just live vicariously through your story; yank them into your imagination and share the worlds and characters you create. You don’t just see the world, you feel it, taste it, touch it, and hear it. This is how you live it.


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