A quick tip: Writing Online

justwrite1A quick tip for those who do writing online:

Whether you post in blogs or to publish via sites such as Triond or Associated Content, consider the chances of losing everything you just wrote with just the click of the ‘publish’ button.

There’s any number of reasons as to why this could happen. Sometimes web sites have technical difficulties, occasionally you’ve added media that may not be accepted, or something these things just happen when angering the computer god(s). For whatever the reason, be aware that this happens.

Do not write and edit directly in the text area provided via the site. Too much risk includes losing what you post doing it that way. Its better to write in a valid word processer such as MS Word, WordPerfect, or OpenOffice, then cut and paste your work, rather than risk losing everything due to ‘technical difficulties.


4 Replies to “A quick tip: Writing Online”

  1. Before I’m about to post a message or publish a blog entry, I always hit ctrl+a and ctrl+c so I have the whole entry in my clipboard in case my internet connection decides to wig-out or the webpage I’m submitting too experiences an error. I’ve made copying my text a habit.
    I also use Windows Live Writer … mainly to backup my entries.
    *highlights all text*
    *hits ‘Submit’*


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