Unconventional Writing

In today’s society of chaos and overworked scheduled, a writer endures distractions as best he or she can. Finding the quiet time to lose oneself in the inner world of writing often proves difficult, even when jotting down notes, doing research, or brainstorming ideas. The solution takes the form of embracing the unconventional, and to adhere to the focus of ‘the end justifies the means’.

The best ideas often come to me right before I sleep. I either have to spend several minutes trying to burn the idea into my brain to remember for the next day, (which keeps me up at night) or bother getting up long enough to jot down the idea before it flitters away like a moth into the night. Other times of inspiration include when I drive my car, sitting in the waiting room at a doctor’s appointment, or when I homeschool my son. (Did I mention I multi-task all the time?)

The best tip I found in my writer’s journey takes the form of keeping a small journal with me at all time. This allows me to easily write down my ideas, plots, character summaries, and so much more. Not so easy when driving, however.

A voice recorder works even better. Not only does my cell phone, a Sony Ericsson, have a camera and video capabilities, it also includes a voice recorder. My sister offered me her small tape recorder, which also works very well for interviews. The tape either is replaced, or used over and over. This allows me to talk while driving, often brainstorming ideas for blogs, articles, or even short stories.

Nights where I have an idea and actually get up to type it all out is often where I write my best stuff. My husabnd, however, finds this annoying. He’s stuck on the idea that early morning wake-up is the norm, and ‘normal’ people get up with the dawn. You’d think after nine years of marriage he’d figure out I’m not normal, and that night time provides the quiet solitude and stillness I need for my writing.

I think if I want to get serious about writing, I’m going to annoy him and do my writing then.


4 Replies to “Unconventional Writing”

  1. The journal and voice recorder are great ideas. My 8 year old sits with me when I write. She has decided to journal. Recently, she designed a colouring book of the Australian Open Tennis! A case of monkey see, monkey do.

    Thankyou for the tips.


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