WordPress.com versus WordPress.org

I’ve encountered the confusing challenge of trying to add Adsense to my blog, only to discover that the blog I’ve focused for months to increase its hits and to gain more readers does not have the means to monetize in any sense of the word. WordPress.com refuses to allow for this, arguing that WordPress.org offers a means to do this for free- providing you have a domain (which costs money).

Through my computer business, I realized the hosting company that hosts my Learnthepc.net offers a free WordPress blog. I thought this might be the answers to my prayers. Instead, I find the http://learnthepc.net/writing domain cannot be ‘domain mapped’ here at WordPress.com unless I pay money. Even then, they do not allow subdomains. I would then have to switch the entire Learnthepc.net site over to a writer’s site, or purchase another domain/host package in which to fix this. I’m not sure if any of it is worth the effort.

I’m very disappointed in WordPress.com not allowing for more say over one’s own blog, cost or not. Blogger.com, meanwhile, allows for widgets to easily integrate into your blog without any issue. (at not cost!) So I’m considering if I need to switch my blog to something else, I’d rather switch to blogger than to WordPress.com or WordPress.org.

Anyone have any experience similar to this and have advice?


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  1. Hi,

    You’re right the free version of WordPress is not a place to add AdSense unfortunately for many bloggers.

    In fact at this stage you’ve got 2 options:
    – switch to WordPress self hosted paying hosting (price varies according to several factors) + domain name (from $9 on GoDaddy)
    – switch to Blogger

    It really depends on your needs.

    You can add AdSense & get indexed more frequently having a Blogger blog but you do not control the hosting.
    Blogger allows to buy a domain name (I recommend you a dotcom) & point it to your free blogger hosting.

    The advantage of WordPress is located in the numerous plugins & templates you can get (most of them for free).

    If you’re already familiar with WordPress (1 an blogging) WordPress self hosting is probably the best solution in your case.

    Hoping it helps!


  2. I agree a self-hosted WordPress installation is probably your best bet, given that you’re already familiar with WP, and have a lot of posts, which you’d easily be able to import into your new .org setup.

    WP.com allows you to use your own domain too, so I’d advise you to migrate in stages:
    1. register a domain and use it with your wp.com site for awhile (until your search engine listings get updated to your new url).
    2. sign up for hosting and set up your wp.org site, and migrate all your content.
    3. update your domain dns to point to your new hosting account.

    Yes, it costs a bit, but you should fairly easily be able to make enough via AdSense and affiliates to cover your costs, and perhaps more.


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