Reasons to blog

Reasons for blogging are many and varied. Writers can keep in touch with friends, family, and their fanbase, keep everyone up to date on their writing projects, or simply share their knowledge on a favorite subject. Online journals allow for posting video, pictures, and even music. Many blogs end up being a web site, where the main body of text is the updated content posted daily or weekly, depending on the effort put into the site.

Writers especially enjoy the convenience of posting daily whether its their favorite subject, personal stories, or even posting chapter by chapter works-in-progress. I don’t suggest the latter due to copyright issues. Once ‘published’ even in your own blog, some publishing companies will not put your novel to print.

For some writers, blogging can also earn them money. I found this intriguing and for myself, the path towards monetizing a blog was both enlightening and more difficult than I thought. Any selling on the World Wide Web demands time in marketing, which isn’t fun or glamorous. Networking somehow feels as though I’m selling out. The trick is using Adsense, which doesn’t allow (or any script similar), or the use of adding other adverrtising somewhere on your site., however does allow for Adsense, providing you’re hosting your own blog.

Some tips in regards to blogging are as follows;

* Post short entries. Most visitors to blogs want their information quick and to the point. The first paragraph should summarize the remaining entry.

* Categorize and tag your blog entries. Visitors like being able to look up subjects quickly and easily. Tags, labels, and categories helps in this. Tagging also allows for people to find your entry. Where they might not discover your blog, your entry will pop up in searches.

* Write regularly. As a writer, you should be writing daily anyway. A blog can help by letting you pick various topics in which to write about. I’ve found some blogs that simply add snippets of stories, poems, or rants about the arduous task of putting a story to paper.

*Automatically updated content for your site. I use a RSS feed in my website that links to my blog. This way, all the new entries I write are automatically updated on my site.

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