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I love reading blogs. Some might argue that its an obsession of mine. There’s just something fascinating about the myriad stories various writers come up about their lives or shared opinions that draws me in. Not all online journals are worth the time however. Like any writing, a blog must be interesting whether in tone or topic. Here are some tips I’ve found with my own experiences to have an interesting blog.

Any journal or diary offers a writer a means to write everyday. Every day you find the empty blank space to which to write something interesting enough for the general populace. I also find blogs keep family and friends up to date on my life, as well as new readers who may enjoy my thoughts.

Through my own experience reading and writing blogs, I can offer some tips to help:

Do not write about the mundane, unless you can make it interesting. Readers don’t care what you ate for dinner last night or how you cleaned your house, but you can make a journal entry interesting by sharing a recipe, a household tip, or make the event interesting in some other day.

Avoid long journal entries. On the Web, visitors are very busy and want their information fast and compact. Around three paragraphs works best. Again, this rule doesn’t mean much if your writing is entertaining enough. Generally, you will find that visitors prefer the short writing bursts that include topics that inform or entertain.

Add media such as graphics, video, or music. Pictures add to words a face or illustration of what you mean. For instance, if I write about going to the park, I try to add a picture about that park. If I write about my thoughts on philosophy, I might add a small graphic that symbolizes that. I also suggest to never have media start by itself such as video. Not everyone have the high-speed Internet so that just gets annoying.

Do not post writing you intend to sell. Although you often maintain copyrights on your own work, when trying to submit to other places once published in a blog, its considered ‘already published’. Most places won’t receive your work then.

Do not put too much effort into a blog. Remember that a blog serves as an exercise in writing, offers to gain fans to your work, promotes networking, and can even be a means of an income if you’re good enough. Even with that, you should consider the time/effort ratio compared to ‘real’ writing.  Spending too much worrying about topics and corrections takes from actually writing something you can publish.

From my own experiences, I gained some insight on my own writing skills (which is still a work in progress). Writing online improved my style, and with the realm of fanfiction, I gained a small group of fans as well. I found a number of friends who liked my work, who were also writers, and now we often share what we’re doing to gain feedback. In short- blogging and writing online certainly helps a writer with writing.


5 Replies to “Blog with meaning”

  1. It seems you and I not only share a like interest, but we share a blog title. 🙂

    It will look awkward, but I’ve added you to my blog roll.

    Nice place you’ve got here.


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