Music to write by….

Someone once asked me if I had a soundtrack to my life what would it sound like. In all reality, I’d have a laugh track with music being playful and a bit chaotic. Writing stories, however, demands something a bit more complex such as effective mood and daring to goad characters and develop scenes for drama and realism.

Soundtracks, top 40 bands, and even a style called Immediate Music fill my Media Player with possibilites. Music tracks compile into playlist themes such as ‘battle’ for fight scenes, ‘sorrow’ for scenes for funerals, loss, or just being lost, or some playlists end up listed in their very own soundtracks to specific novels I’m working on.

Where to find music online. There are a number of web sites you can find free music to listen to online. Radio provides up to date music as well as the means to form playlists and settings for genre or preferences in musical style. I strongly suggest joining web sites in order to take advantage of setting up radios stations that fit your tastes.

AOL Radio provides a nice streaming radio station that has plenty of genres to pick from. I personally like the nature sounds, electronica, and soundtrack movie scores. allows you to find a number of videos that include music you like. You can find them by artist or album, then compile into playlists. I don’t have to actually watch the videos, but open a browser and listen to the playlists instead. is another site where you can compile music by artist, album, or genre and embed into your web site or blog.

Some of my favorite composers:

Steve Jablonsky currently is my favorite composer who wrote the soundtrack for Transformers and The Island.

E.S. Posthumus offers some amazing compositions too.

Craig Armstrong also provides some amazing work, with both piano, orchestral, and added vocals to some of the pieces.

Klaus Badelt did a number of soundtracks, one of which was Pirates of the Carribean. He also did some of the work on Gladiator, The Time Machine, and Mission Impossible II.

Immediate Music includes a number of different composers, styles, and genres. Basically, Immediate music can be heard in commercials for video games or movies. Epicon is a powerful piece. You might recognize Rising Empire for the Xman movie commercials.

Music often prompts me to write, being able to establish a ‘soundtrack’ in my head and to set the scenes mood. Check out the prompt below to start writing something today:

Writing Prompt:

Listen to music then write down the scene or characters inspired because of it. Even if it only stirs up emotion, write about that.


6 Replies to “Music to write by….”

  1. is a great site that lets you build your own playlists. I use that one a lot, and I’m a fan of Pandora and the musical DNA project.

    I wrote a lot to the first Keane album and to Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys. Push Barman to Open Old Wounds (a compilation of Belle & Sebastian singles) is ace. Works pretty well as a soundtrack, too.


  2. I’ll have to check out that site. Even the playlist site I listed is somewhat limited in their choices of music.
    I only just now noticed the automatically generated links at the bottom of my post….awesome.


  3. music as well as photographs are good writing prompts. informative blog and a good read. you’re in my blogroll. thanks!


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