Beyond writing novels

Many writers I know often mention the novel they are in the process of writing. The book is ‘in the works’, with the hopes of someday manifesting into print. Isn’t this what people mean when they say they are a writer? A writer of novels? Writers may ignore other avenues to which they can find a means to publish. In fact, most well known writers do more than the infamous books that put them in the spotlight; they also speak at engagements, write articles or short stories, or occasionally write outside their general medium. This blog entry will explore options on these other genres.

Here are some other writing avenues to consider:

  • Article Writing. This includes magazines and periodicals, but you can also find avenues of online content. Webmasters don’t have the time to keep updating articles on their sites, so they pay someone else to do this for them. Online content, although easier and faster in getting published than the old fashioned magazines, also tends to pay considerably less.
  • Short stories. You can compile your short stories into an anthology and publish the stories in one book, or you can sell the stories one by one. Magazines, periodicals, and some publishing companies accept short stories.
  • Ebooks. Creating ebooks have never been easier with the number of programs or even word processing add ons to save your work in PDF or HTML form. Once saved, the file can be sold via the web. Some e-publishers also offer a means to see your novel this way.
  • Graphic novel. A graphic novel tends to be more involved and extensive with a storyline than what you’d consider a comic book. A writer can partner with an artist and collaborate a story.
  • Subscription based writing. This medium of publishing fascinates me. I’ve encountered a number of online writers who have readers subscribe to their web sites to gain access to stories, poems, and other writing, often based on a monthly subscription. Juxtapose Fantasy is one example of this type of publishing.

Keep your avenues open. I also find that by writing in a new medium can help sharpen your writing skills and even break through writer’s block.


4 Replies to “Beyond writing novels”

  1. The internet is custom made for some of the forms you mention, especially short story or collaborative graphic novel. Building your audience is always a challenge, and if you’re one of those writers with something larger in the works, I agree that it’s a great idea to explore some of the unique venues the web (and social networking platforms) offer.


  2. Very good article with useful ideas for “novel” writers.

    If anyone is interested in writing short stories for publication or has stories waiting to find a home, visit my blog and read my post “All Aboard the Glimmer Train!”


  3. Never heard of postnprint and the link takes you to an empty page. The only site I’ve had experience with writing and publishing work is Associated Content. They do not pay much for what you write, and recently they’ve been peckish about what they accept, but at least I’ve been paid by them a few times. Its also a means to market back to your site as well.


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