Article Writing Tip: Finding ideas

Many current events can inspire ideas for articles such as holidays, personal experience, other articles, personal issues, and even your own crisis in life can spark an interesting topic to publish. This is especially true if you write blogs (online journals) and need topics, or you submit articles to web content sites.

Check the month’s holidays to see if you can find something interesting to write about. Doing this also puts you on a deadline. You want to complete the writing before the holiday and in enough time so this gets published. Origins, meaning, traditions, and crafts are popular aspects of subject matter. Your own personal experience offers readers a possible solutions to their own problem. Knowledge, especially learned firsthand, is gold in this market.

Telling your personal story on how to deal with a crisis not only provides the drama readers like, but also a means to problem solving on their own. Have a health problem, a family issue, or something even mundane on dealing with products such as reviews or experiences.

Telling someone else’s story. With their permission of course. Not everyone can write about what has happened to them, and stories from any source can be entertaining or at least informative. Interview someone who has something to share, and offer to give them credit.

Explaining how to do something. Instructional articles or even non fiction books and articles are always in demand. People want to know, to learn, and to understand about various subjects. If you follow a hobby or studied a subject, why not share what you know?

Reading. Reading books, both non fiction and fiction alike, can provide tons of ideas to a writer. You can expand on an established subject, provide a new angle, or find a creative change from the norm. Newspapers, magazines, poems, and any other reading medium provides the same inspiration. A good writer reads.


One Reply to “Article Writing Tip: Finding ideas”

  1. Great tips! I particularly love finding those really obscure holidays that most people don’t actually celebrate. Things like “eat more chocolate day” and “call a friend day” … they’re frivolous but they often spark really interesting thoughts that lead to good articles.


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