Fanfiction: The Mary Sue

0011gebx.jpgIn the world of fanfiction, you often find the expression a ‘mary sue’. This refers to a story written where the author is clearly the main character in its highest form; beautiful, smart, and simply amazing in every way. What makes the Mary Sue so undesireable (despite beauty, smarts, and being perfect) stems from the writer often writing herself into the role. A Gary Stu is the male equivalent.

More terms and background on fanfiction can be found here.



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2 responses to “Fanfiction: The Mary Sue

  1. Odette

    Wow. Thanks for telling me this. I have been accused as a MARY SUE. At my own defense, my character was blonde and easy.


  2. schillingklaus

    Mary Sues are the greatest thing since sliced bread in the history of literature, and those who hate them are just vulgar enviars.


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