Some informative Writer’s Blogs

j0396032.jpgI find along my journey in the World Wide Web a number of interesting blogs. These valuable e-journals, by and for writers, include resources and valuable insight in the craft of writing. I felt its a good thing to share. Don’t forget to add the RSS feeds to your RSS reader.

Writinghood– The author(s) shared a number of topics including help with grammar, punctuation, and writing development.

The Barefood Scribbles– I found this writer on Associated Content, where he provides the most extensive, most informative articles on writing and making money as a writer. The style includes important points mixed with good humor.

The Daily Writing Office- This blog includes daily writing prompts to nudge and prod you into creativity. I find the author’s style refreshing and light-hearted, providing some interesting tips and ‘nudges’.

The Writing White Papers includes a blog entry specific to the top ten blogs for writers. The author’s own blog is a good resource as well including entries about freelancing, marketing, and generating leads. isn’t just for bloggers. The author is a professional blogger, but his site includes some interesting tips and tricks on the art of writing for money.
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3 Replies to “Some informative Writer’s Blogs”

  1. ProBlogger is the only one on the list that I’ve been reading regularly so it’s great to get some more tips. Of course, this just means I’ll be spending even more of my “research” time reading about writing! Thanks for the links!!


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