Writer’s Prompt: Creating characters and worlds through pictures

I find that many of the sites that provide beautiful 3D rendering pictures or lovely photographs can often inspire a short story or poem from me. I also use them to help spark something for my writing group. Here are a few sites, and some graphics I like:

Artzone: This site includes some breathtaking artwork done in Poser, Dazstudio, and Photoshop, as well as Photography and hand drawn/painted work.

Renderosity: This site also includes various mediums including 3D renders in Poser, Bryce, Carrara, and DazStudio, but also photography, Photoshop, and ink/pencil/paint.

go to Renderosity.com

My Art Gallery: No, not mine, but by Tony Hayes. Much of his work tells a story in a single graphic.

BioRust: This site not only includes a massive gallery of member’s work, but also tutorials, a forum, and download area.

Runtime DNA: Another site dedicated to 3D rendering. You’ll find a marketplace, and gallery there as well.

So try this picture for a writer’s prompt:

4530.jpg I wish I could remember who did this 3D render, but the scene was very telling, I felt concerning a riderless horse…


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