An invitation to writers….

write1.jpgI would like to invite writers who pass by my site to leave comments, and links back to their blogs or web site, or web site you like about writing, and questions if you have them. I would also ask that visitors also consider emailing or leaving a note of an interest in being a guest blogger here, or even share some of your work. (You’ll get full credit)
My ‘hits’ for this blog are generally increasing in number so you’ll get exposure to a number of readers. Most of my audience are writers, so you may find feedback or spark an interest in sharing their own.

What sort of things do you look for in a web site for writers?

What sort of problems do you have with the process of writing or getting published?

Do you write professionally or just starting out?

If you can think of other questions you would like covered here, feel free to post.


2 Replies to “An invitation to writers….”

  1. I am trying to reinvent myself as a writer. For 30+ years I was an academic who wrote for a very narrow audience. I started a blog last November ( and have been fortunate in being invited to submit articles to an African American weekly newspaper(The Tri-State Defender). I have several book ideas that I would like to get going.

    Thanks for the blog.


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