Freewriting: A means to break through writer’s block

j0308887.jpgWriter’s block….the very phrase is enough to strike fear into the heart of a writer, but its inevitable. You sit and stare mindlessly at the blank page, unable to rouse enough interest in any subject or topic if your life depended on it. Fear naught, there is hope.

Freewriting is a very useful tool to break through writer’s block. This simple activity enables you to write on just about any topic, and includes the philosophy of ‘just write’. Many famous authors often advise the newbie writer as the best tip is ‘just write’. And freewriting helps. Open your blank page, in a notebook or computer, and set a timer for 10-15 minutes. Once you start, you write. You forget all about grammar, punctuation, and spelling. You write. You don’t worry about who will read it, and you throw out all convention on the rules of writing. Even if you write just one sentence over and over, you let your fingers type (or write) endlessly for the full 10-15 minutes until the timer goes off.

What happens can be a magical, wondrous thing. My writer’s group does this, and to everyone’s surprise, something takes form. Sentences take a life of their own, characters emerge, a writing Voice begins to sing, and the miracle of writing unfolds before you. Creativity flows, albeit slowly at first, but the imagination will take hold even on shaky legs, until you’re back on track.

Try here for freewriting exercises online- includes timer

Freewriting tips

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One Reply to “Freewriting: A means to break through writer’s block”

  1. I’ve heard of the freewriting thing. I tried it once, then realised I was writing what I wanted to, not what I had set out to. But then the problem was probably that I already knew what I was writing. Still, glad to see there are writers on here that don’t just blog.


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