Why aren’t you getting published?


Most writer’s I’ve met often answer with “I haven’t submitted anything yet.” Whether their novel, series of poems, or memoir is finished, they still feel its necessary their work must be edited before taking that ‘big step’. The plunge into submitted your work, however, is just step in a series of steps you need to take before publication. Quite often an author is also lying about their reasons and simply too frightened of a rejection letter to get published.

First acknowledge that rejections letters are part of the job of a writers. All the great authors received rejection letters. J.K. Rowling found her first Harry Potter book rejected by twelve major publishing houses. A year later, she was finally accepted by an editor, who was accepted based on the fact his daughter read the first chapter and demanded the next.

Stephan King had written a number of short stories as a beginning author, and found himself inspired to write a book which he threw in the trash. His wife rescued it, encouraged him to finish, and that became the novel Carrie.

Not all rejections are even based on poor writing. You will find that rejections occur for a number of reasons;

Sometimes editors reject because the first page or chapter doesn’t catch their attention. Sometimes they reject based on the fact the story plot is too mundane. They also have to be able to sell your story. They have to consider if what you’re writing will be bought. Some reasons spring up from their base readers. They know what their readers like, and try to cater to that. Your medium or choice of subject matter isn’t what sells their books.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be rejected with added criticisms. This is marvelous for you, because you’re getting feedback from a professional which for all reason is providing you some insight on you to get published. Take their criticism as gospel and re-write!

More importantly, your work cannot be rejected if you don’t send it out! Acknowledge you’ll get rejections. Setup a special folder, or waste basket, to put them when you get them, and GET PUBLISHED. Send out the first chapters, even if your work isn’t finished yet. Send out a story synopsis. Remember, the first step is to get yourself out there, take those risks, and ‘just do it’.

Do or do not, there is no try….Yoda


3 Replies to “Why aren’t you getting published?”

  1. I’ve been rejected so much it reminds me of my poor buddy trying to find a prom date in high school. He started at the top and methodically went down his list. (He ended up taking his cousin.) Gotta admire persistence. By the way, the boy did well quite well- sucessful in business and lovely wife and family.

    -Dr. B


  2. I sent out a manuscript once. It was a bad decision on my behalf. The piece was uneditted, filled with errors, and the genre was completely wrong to what the publishers prefer. it wasn’t a surprise to get a rejection letter. The only good thing about it was knowing the first step was over. I can now say I sent a manuscript to a publisher. The book was rubbish. Well, the writing was. Now I’ll be more confident when it comes to the future.

    For now though, I’ll enjoy the writing and not worry about getting published. This story is for me and the internet world that bothers to read it. I find the feedback easy to accept. After all, if I got publsihed I’d be receiving a lot more of it. Besides, peopel are kind these days. The meanest person was my friend!


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