Finding your Voice

A writer’s ‘voice’ is what is known as their writing style. This includes punctuation, character development, dialog, or just about any aspect of the manuscript you can think of. A voice is how the writer expresses their writing, both in tone and inflection just as much as if they were speaking out loud.

You may not consider yourself as having your own Voice or style in your writing. “I just write” you might think, but as you extend into new avenues of genre, you may find the tone of writing changes. You may even mimic another author, or your Voice meanders through without much form. However, finding your Voice is crucial to any writer. A unique Voice catches the attention of readers.

Think of how different Stephan King is to Frank Hebert, or how your favorite author differs from another one you can’t stand. How do they differ? Why do you like one and not another? Are they unique?

Comprised of many parts, a story includes various characters, story elements, dialog, or even the use of metaphor or poetic words to express the storyline. I like Elaine Cunningham with her nonpareil Voice in metaphor and description. Jennifer Roberson has series of books with characters I enjoy not only because of their personaolity, but because of their development through the stories. The author also writes in First Person, from the male point of view, thus giving me a more intimate look into the main character. I like the humor this provokes.

A writer’s voice includes a passion or intimate knowledge of the subject, and breaths life into the story to capture a reader’s attention and draws them in. A good writer can do this using their unique Voice which carries through the text and tiltilates the senses. This is especially true with the art of blogging (online journaling).

Blogging provides a medium to which a writer can use their Voice on a number of topics, or experiment to see what works best. If you don’t have a Voice, cultivate one. This doesn’t mean to emulate or envy a published writer. This means to find your OWN Voice. This is what gets books published.


One Reply to “Finding your Voice”

  1. I started a blog about two months ago, and the one thing I seem to hear a lot is that I have a unique voice. Early this fall, I’d never thought about it, but I guess it is true, ’cause I keep hearing it.
    Visit me at my blog. I would like for an expert to tell me what the heck kinda voice it is I have. (Besides half crazy)


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