On Finding Inspiration

One of the toughest aspects of writing is finding the inspiration to write. What we’re talking here is enthusiasm. If you’re not excited about your subject or your life, finding the right words to express yourself will be clumsy, awkward, forced, and otherwise unreadable. A bored writer writes boring material, in general.

How often have I heard from would-be writers that their life isn’t interesting enough to write about? Even the simple act of blogging can prove a challenge if you wish to amaze and entertaining with what you consider an otherwise dull life to your readers.

Not many readers find the day to day homelife interesting, but if you look outside the box, you can find tons of possible subject matter. First, do not assume that your life encompasses the four walls to which you call home. Your life includes the world outside, such as your job, your hobbies, your friends, your family, and even your pet. Sound dull? Spice it up! Write from your pet’s viewpoint, share an entertaining story of a family member (change names to protect their identity), or select a subject of a hobby; something you are an expert at.

If you find that you find nothing interesting, proceed inwardly to explore your likes, dislikes, hopes, dreams, wants, and anything else you can drudge up from the farthest recesses of your soul.

Find memories that strongly impacted you. Write about the hardships you faced, or the people you’ve encountered that inspired you. Writing is all about stories, and provoking the reader to take this journey with you. Don’t write about cleaning your house; write about how cleaning effects your mood, or compare cleaning to a cathartic therapy of the soul. Don’t write about a rant unless you willing to explore solutions to the problem, or the solution you discovered for yourself.

Another series of topics arises from the day to day culture you come from. Personally, I enjoy reading about life in Japan or Africa, or even life in the Midwest, comparing their culture to mine. With this in mind, question yourself to how your customs impact your life and the life of those around you. You might want to share a family tradition, or an unusual habit you have. What hobbies do you enjoy and which express yourself the best? What activity do you undergo each day? Write about that. Write about things that you enjoy and are passionate about.

There’s inspiration, if only you look to the right places.

Simple Freewriting exercise….

Freewriting helps amazingly well to break through writer’s blocks. Simply pull out a piece of paper (or Word document) and type furiously for five minutes; no more… no less. You type anything that comes to mind, even if you find there is only a single word, or sentence; write that but write it over and over again. Try this and see if it doesn’t break through the barriers.


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