Publication and publishing

I’m only six days to the end of the NaNoWriMo! But I didn’t want to add yet another entry on just the grueling task of cranking out a novel in a scant thirty days. I wanted to start with a new topic and that is of getting published. After this novel is done, I hope to get published.

There are many different ways to get officially published. I consider any placement of your work to the public eye as a form of publication, but also that of earning money. I’m published…online through Associated Content. Being also a web master, I can assure you that many sites look for writers to add up-datable content to their sites. Associated Content is just one place you can write articles, and get paid to do so.

Most writers I’ve met both on and offline want a book published and printed to be sold through major bookstores across the nation. The trick is having a completed manuscript, then selling this to a publishing company. This is where an agent comes in handy, for it is the agent that can move you up to a publisher if the work is good enough.

Self-publishing has grown to be a viable option, and not seen as the Vanity Fair that it once was. In fact, not only can you get your book published, you can sell through if you know the right tricks. The downside includes the fact that YOU are the one that needs to do all the marketing. And let me tell you, marketing is a whole other animal than the creative process of writing a book. ( is an example of self-publishing services)

There is also the option of e-publishing. I’ve considered starting my own e-publishing company but I’m not sure if I want to endure the responsibilities and legalities that go with it. You write your story, and sell ‘ebooks’ through a site. ( is an example of this)

You might consider that you’ll sell a book and BAM- you’re a bonafide writer. Yes, this would be the case, but often you’re going to continue to write, and publish, and endure the rejection slips and so forth in your journey. Not to discourage you, but do not get hopes so high that your fall becomes a crash. A writer, after all, write as much for themselves as they do for the fame and fortune.


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