Writer’s Write

A recurring theme in my experience with writing is that for all the excuses one has in regards as to why the writing isn’t finished, or completed, or the goals set for ourselves doesn’t come to fruition is simple. Writers write! Begin today by having no more excuses to find why we have not written but just to do it.

If you intend on becoming a writer, you have to start thinking like a writer. You must consider that you write; it is in your soul. There is a primal need to express oneself to paper be that for fiction or non-fiction, the words need to find a way out and to set to paper (or pixel). To not write should not be met with excuses but with guilt.

Not writing snuffs that creative spark. Denying that expression of Self only serves to further hinder your wanting to be a writer. Writers WRITE! Even if you jot down a paragraph or two, that is better than nothing.

“But I have writer’s block!” Does this somehow paralyze your fingers so you cannot hold a pencil, or type? Of course not! So you write something anyway, even if its crap. You can edit later. You just write!

“I’m too busy!” You can’t find fifteen minutes out of the day to express yourself? You can’t waken thirty minutes early to write, or stay up an extra hour to catch up on writing then? You just write!

“But I’m stuck in my story (article, poem, etc)!” Then skip that part and move onto another. You can also write more than one piece at a time, ensuring a plausible outlet each time you sit to JUST WRITE!

So no more excuses. You are a writer, so write!


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