Fear of rejection

I’ve been giving some thought on this subject of ‘fear of rejection’, namely that of being rejected once you submit writing for publication. Rejection letters can be very discouraging, demoralizing, and seemingly proof of the lack of skill…or so one would think. Rejection can mean many things from the subject matter is not what they had in mind, or perhaps your particular style is not what they are looking for.

I want to inspire my fellow members of a writer’s group I’ve assembled to try to get their work published, and here is my thought; a contest.

Not just any contest but one that nudges members to get out there to submit. The most rejections win a prize! I still need to iron out the details, to setup the criteria of who wins, and of course how does one prove they were rejected? The idea is to have them submit with the possibility of actually being accepted. Who knows what can happen?

I’ll have to think on this further…perhaps even take my own advice.

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