Something I learned today was the value of an easy activity known as ‘freewriting’. What is freewriting? You start with a blank page, or word processing document, and write for 5-15 minutes. You write; just that. You don’t worry about grammar, or sentence structure, or even dotting your ‘t’s. You just write.

This activity was perfect for my writer’s group I had today. I set the timer for a mere 5 minutes, and prompting the group with the idea of ‘something frightening’. They can write anything they wanted, even if it wasn’t about something frightening, but they had to start filling up their page within those five minutes.

I must admit, there was something very satisfying hearing the maddened scribbling of pens and pencils to paper as they jotted down whatever inspired them. One member admitted afterwards how she was surprised she found something to write about. This is exactly the purpose of this activity; to spark your writing muse.

The writing prompt is not necessary, but for those unsure of their ability to find something to write about; it helps. This exercise is often found on essential activities for a writer to do. Freewriting before tackling the ‘real writing’ can get your juices flowing, and warm up your brain. Try it, even just once. You’d be amazed at the results.

2 Replies to “Freewriting”

  1. I think I just finished reading your entire blog. lol Good stuff, lots of useful ideas, tips and links. Bookmarked some sites to investigate and had fun an a few laughs along the way. All in all, not a bad way to spend my day, resting and recuperating from this cold. Thanks!


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